The Vineyard and Winery

Bodega García Hidalgo

The Vineyard

The winery was founded in the year 2006 by the Garcia Hidalgo family and is situated in the beautiful Guadalcobacin valley, named after the river. Naturally the river irrigates the fertile orchards of Arriate and Ronda and provides the home to our wine ‘Alcobazin’.
This is a family run Winery that since the beginning has been lead and supported by owner and oenologist Miguel Garcia Pereila and who together with his family has progressed through the processes of cultivation and caring of the vines. As well as developing their wines he has paid attention to the smallest details in this artisanal journey, making use of traditional methods and skills and following very natural processes which has gained them official Ecological Cultivating certificate status.
Their wine production is voluntarily reduced to focus on achieving quality over the quantity and to also obtain a strong wine in all aspects of colour, body and taste.
Our estate is situated on an exceptional plot of land to grow the vines and blending with the geography is ideally set on a plain surrounded by mountains. It’s orientation and altitude at 500metres above sea level makes for an optimal growing of grapes.
The vines occupy two hectares with varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. The frame work for each vine is 2,50m x 1,00m, which gives room for an extraordinary quality and over a shorter production time span.
The grape harvest is done by hand and collected in small boxes avoiding squashing the grapes and improving efficiency and speed transporting them.

If you wish to experience a visit of our Winery we offer the following options;
Option 1: Visit and Wine tasting of 3 wines.
Option2: Visit and Wine tasting of 3 wines + typical Ronda tapas and tasting of seasonal produce.
Option 3: Visit and Wine tasting of 3 wines + typical Ronda tapas and tasting of seasonal produce,
Tasting of local homemade bread and ecological olive oil, paella and dessert.
Option 4: Wine tasting and accommodation in the Winery.
Option 5: Accommodation in the Winery in apartment or double rooms with en-suite.
Option 6: Elaborate Wine tasting to suit the customer.

The visits include: Visiting the vineyards, the production hall and barrelling cellar. Explanations of cultivating and methods of wine production and growth by the Winery owner.

For information about reservations and prices contact us in writing by email: or telephone us: (English) 622879005 or (Spanish) 600487284

Bodega García Hidalgo


Our wine production is voluntarily short to ensure quality over quantity.
We presently cultivate three varieties of red grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.
We only select the best roots that are in an optimal condition of maturity.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes are small and round with an intense purple colour and astringent taste. Their tannins are dense and strong. They emit fruity smells (redcurrants and blackberries) with both flower aromas and vegetable aromas (green peppers and natural coffee) and produce wine with an elegant body that can withstand the wines growth. It is this variety that brings the intense colour and good layers.
There is a lot of character found in the tannins of young wines, but when they are passed into the barrels their aromas become more complex and enriched with traces of smoke, cedar oak, incense and liquorice. The wine obtains its intense reddish colour with hints of violet, aromatic alcoholic body and ages with a defining fineness. Usually a combination of grape varieties improves the wines essence. The varying grapes originate from the Bordeaux region in France and are extensively found throughout the world diffused into warm region vineyards. In Spain these grapes have acclimatised well in the areas such as Penedes in Catalonia, Navarra and the River Ebro and it is hard to find an area where they these versatile grapes can be not found planted. This variety is one of the most planted in the Ronda region.


The Bunches are of medium size and compact and the grapes are small, egg-shaped and of a blueish colour, with an intense taste of blackberry. The wines are nice and tasty, with intense colours and an acidity that stands out together with the taste of violets and matured black berried fruits. In fresher climates the tannins and acidity increases more than in warmer climates although they have no problem growing even with little rainfall and clay like soil. In this type of soil they have more body and the tannins are softer and diffuse the aromas from the soil itself, including, leather and spices (liquorice, cherries, raisins, aniseed etc.) These type of vines age really well and are used as a Mono-variety that can be combined with other varieties like Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.
It is considered to be one of the oldest varieties of grape and also receiving its best results in the Ronda region.


The Bunches are cylindrical, small are not so compact. The grapes are small, thick skinned with a bluey blackish colour and sweet pulp. They are members of the same family as the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon and their tannins are sweet and fruity. The wines are aromatic and full tasting with an intense Ruby colour and medium proportion of alcohol. In the mouth they taste soft and fine. When creating and nurturing wines they are combined with varieties like the Garnacha young wines and with others like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Bobal or Tempranillo. Most of all, they add a soft elegance and balance to wines.

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